The Forty Rules Of Love By Elif Shafak (A Book On Shams Tabrizi)

The Forty Rules Of Love By Elif Shafak (A Book On Shams Tabrizi)
The Forty Rules Of Love By Elif Shafak (A Book On Shams Tabrizi)

The Forty Rules Of Love is a book written by Elif Shafak on the life on Shams Tabriz. Elif Shafak (French Author) is one of the Famous and bravest writers of Turkey. She is considered as a most famous novelist in Turkey. Elif Shafak compares Eastern and Western cultures in her novels.

The Forty Rules Of Love Theme

The Forty Rules Of Love is one of the best sellers of Elif Shafak.  The novel consists of 2 parallel narratives. The modern one is associated with a married woman named Ella living in Northampton, Massachusetts. Ella Rubinstein is a wife (forty-year-old woman). Ella works for a literary agency and she is working on a book named “Sweet Blasphemy” by Aziz Zahara. The second narrative of this novel (The Forty Rules Of Love) is sweet blasphemy. The story of Sweet blasphemy circulates about a mystic Sufi Shams Tabrizi. He sees the vision of his death and he feels that he should transfer his knowledge to someone who is worthy of this knowledge. To fulfil his desire Shams Tabriz travels to Baghdad from Samarkand. In Samarkand, he gets to know about a person named Jalaluddin Rumi. Rumi was a famous scholar of that time.

Shams Tabrizi became friend with Rumi after he travelled to Konya to meet Rumi. Story unwrap itself after Rumi starts to change after company of Shams Tabrizi. People start to hate Shams Tabrizi including Rumi’s family

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Sweet Blasphemy (Forty Rules Of Love)

After telling Shams’s story, Story turned toward Ella. She became familiar with the writer of a book named ‘Sweet blasphemy’ whose name was Aziz Zahara. Ella starts talking to her over emails. Her husband was not faithful to her. She married for twenty years, yet she decided to abandons her family and decided to file divorce. Ella inspired to the novel because novel tells the love in the same way as she does with her daughter. She feels the book written on her life and mind. Ella begins to understand other things like love and spirituality. She became ready to give up her life just for the Aziz Zahara.

Aziz Zahara (Forty Rules Of Love)

Aziz Zahara is a traveller and a photographer. He wants to get peace and comfort in his life.  He develops his interest in the poetry of Rumi and Shams Tabrizi. His e-mails to the Ella was full of Spirituality. He helps Ella to move on from her past to be a better woman.

Here you can read the book:

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