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学术地点 机械学院316报告厅 主讲人 梁昆(英国萨塞克斯大学 机械工程讲师)
讲座时间 2019年4月18日(周四)上午9:00—10:30

报告题目 Linear Compressor Technology and Applications(自由活塞/直线压缩机技术及应用)

报告人:梁昆(英国萨塞克斯大学  机械工程讲师)



报告摘要:Linear compressors consisting of linear motor and flexure bearing were firstly invented at the University of Oxford in 1970s (Oxford-type). The technology is widely used for Stirling and J-T cryocooler for space. When compared with conventional reciprocating compressor for vapour compression refrigeration (VCR) system, linear compressor offers higher energy efficiency and oil-free operation, which allows the use of mini/micro-channel heat exchangers. However, there are key challenges when oil-free linear compressors are used for household refrigeration with typical high pressure ratios (above 10), such as high clearance loss, high piston offset, and very non-linear gas spring. Linear compressor can also be adopted for Stirling engine/generator. This talk will present the history of Oxford-type linear compressor at Oxford University Cryogenics Group, the latest moving magnet design for Stirling cryocooler and engine (EPSRC and InnovateUK funded), and comprehensive analysis of key issues. The novel high efficiency Oxford-type moving magnet linear compressor will be the next generation technology for space cryocooler, Stirling engine,domestic refrigeration, linear IC engine and heat pump for electric vehicles.

关键词: linear compressor, domestic refrigeration, Stirling cryocooler, Stirling engine, linear/free piston engine, electric vehicles

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