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材料院:Interacting Light with Semiconductor at the Nanoscale
学术地点 工程实验大楼240、244多媒体报告厅 主讲人 Dr. Wei Bao
讲座时间 2019年4月12日周五上午10:00-11:30


题 目:Interacting Light with Semiconductor at the Nanoscale

报告人:Dr. Wei Bao

地 点:工程实验大楼240、244多媒体报告厅

时 间:2019年4月12日周五上午10:00-11:30

主持人:潘安练 教授



报告人概况:Dr. Wei Bao is an Assistant Professor in University of Nebraska- Lincoln. He was a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Xiang Zhang’s lab at the University of California, Berkeley from 2015-2018. Previously he earned his B.A. in Physics (minor in Chemistry) at Peking University in 2009, and his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (minor in Electrical Engineering) at UCLA in 2010. Wei then received his Ph.D.

in Materials Science and Engineering (minor in Electrical Engineering) at University of California, Berkeley under the supervision of Prof. Miquel Salmeron and Prof. P. James Schuck in 2015. His Ph.D. work in nanoscale spectroscopic investigations of optoelectronic has led to several awards including: MRS Graduate Student Gold Award, Dorothy M. and Earl S. Hoffman Scholarships, Ross N. Tucker Memorial Award, as well as a R&D 100 Award 2013. His postdoc research focused on the interface between low-dimensional semiconductor nanophotonics and quantum physics.

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